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“I love Joey’s passion for disciple-making and adventure. When we follow Jesus closely and stay in close proximity to others, we fulfill Jesus’ Great Commission and the kingdom is impacted. I recommend reading DiscipleTrip to anyone who is serious about being a disciple of Jesus!”

-Mark Batterson
Lead Pastor of National Community Church
New York Times best selling author of The Circle Maker

"Following Christ was never intended to be boring nor a solo endeavor! Jesus gives us a clear plan to make maximum impact by making disciples and Joey’s book clearly explains that process. His stories of adventure will make you laugh and his vulnerability is refreshing. I HIGHLY recommend reading DiscipleTrip to anyone who is passionate about following Christ!"

-Brian Bloye
Senior Pastor, West Ridge Church
Co-Author, It’s Personal


Today's young adults are the most unchurched generation of the last 100 years. In fact, 65% rarely or never attend a religious gathering, 38% admit to praying rarely or never, and 67% rarely or never read the Bible.I believe that it is time for the church to begin to tell a better story about our faith.

Do you remember when you said yes to Jesus? Do you remember the joyful urgency that existed deep in your bones?

I sure do.

I believe that desire is meant to grow stronger as we become more spiritually mature. Jesus didn’t call us to a life of dry religiosity. Nor did he ever intend for our faith be on display on Sunday morning alone.

For those of us in Christ, every day is a mission trip. And every relationship is an opportunity to live out the greatest calling of all time: to follow Jesus by leveraging every opportunity to guide others on their journey of life.

I believe discipleship is simpler than we may have previously imagined. In fact, I believe maximum impact is as simple as walking in close proximity to Jesus, while in the company of others. We are not an audience, but rather an army. We are not spectators, but rather participators in the mission of Jesus.

This book contains near-unbelievable stories of transformation in Christ, as well as practical steps for any person, of any age, who is aiming to fulfill Jesus’ final words and live a life that is satisfied in Him.

DiscipleTrip Book - Paperback