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The Danger of Coveting Others' Stories (feat. guest blogger Chuck Gshwend)

This week we take one last look into what it means practically to abide in Jesus. Again, the benefits are staggering since as we abide, the life of God is both fully realized and fully released in the lives of those who move from striving to abiding. What is abiding? “Abiding is an effortless resting in the risen Jesus, confident in his affection for us, confident in his ability to work in and through us, and confident in his authorship of our story.

A few weeks back I introduced this final aspect of abiding: Confidence in Jesus' authorship of our story, which requires us to STOP COVETING OTHERS' STORIES. ( I want to close this series with a look at three dangers of coveting others people’s stories and not enjoying yours:

Danger 1: Coveting blinds you to the good He has worked into your story in the past. From eternity past to your birth until today, God has been perfectly good to you. He has been patient with you. He has not forsaken you. He has given you underserved mercies over and over and over again. Rather than being disappointed with God because He has done something in someone's life differently than yours, spend some time today being grateful to God for his past and present work in your story.

Danger 2: Coveting leads to disbelieving He has the power to redeem the past regrets in your life or that He is a restorer of the lost years the locusts have eaten away. When you are stuck in the rut of coveting other people's circumstances, you have taken our eyes off of Jesus. Jesus has the power to redeem your past. He is looking to comfort and heal you of all your wounds. He will then give you the ability and the ministry of extending that same healing and comfort to others. Jesus often asked people, "What do you want me to do for you?" Today, tell him where you are hurting. Ask for wisdom as to where and with whom to seek healing. He has the power to restore the years the locusts have eaten away. Your future is bright. Don’t covet anyone’s future but your own. God has good works prepared in advance for you to do!

Danger 3: Coveting distracts you from Hearing the Good voice of God today. If your mental energies and/or your emotions are even subconsciously focused on how blessed someone else's life is, then you are certainly distracted from hearing the voice of God today in YOUR LIFE. God is speaking to you today about what is going on in YOUR STORY. He is authoring your story. He is perfecting your faith and trust in Him. He is leading you toward abundance. God is at work in the midst of the details, circumstances and mess of your life. He is wanting to bring healing, hope, peace and resurrection to your life. Fall in love with your messy reality. The Father knows right where you are and He knows what He is trying to show you and and He knows exactly where He is leading you.

Friends, I know life is unpredictable. I know there are pain points. I know you would be writing it differently, but I call you to Worship the real Jesus, who is good despite what your life looks like right now. He is the author and perfecter of your FAITH. He can be trusted.

For the life of God to be realized in you and released through you: Abide in his affections for you...his abilities in you...his authorship of your story.


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