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The Causes & Cures for Anxiety

I wanted to share some thought for you from a recent talk by Alli Worthington.  I hope these notes are as helpful for you as they have been for me.  

We all have FEARS.

They (our fears) manifest themselves in anxiety (1/5 people struggle from this)

We use 5 behaviors to deal with anxiety:    *THE FIVE BAD BEES

The 5 Bad Bees we must identify to better cope with fear:

Busy.   (Hyperactivity) Martha

Blame (It's someone else's fault) Garden of Eden

Binge.  (We overdue something else) Prodigal Son

Bury   (We pretend our fears do not exist) Pharaoh, etc...

Brood (rumination) cow eats and throws up over and over and eats it

^^^ This one is most dangerous bc we create negative thought patterns.  Saul

1) Be aware of these "5 bad bees." 

2) Avoid the five bad bees. 

3) Ask Jesus for help.  (Rather than simply checking Facebook/turn on TV/etc...)

4) Attack these fears.  Learn scripture to attack fears. 

TOOLS for overcoming these fears which cause anxiety. 

4 simple steps to confidence:

1. Show Up.  So much of life is just about showing up.  Don't listen to the inner critic who says, "do you really need to be there? Who do you think you are?"

2. Be Real.  Be you!

3. Love others. (This fights against the negative responses)

4. Work Hard. DON'T QUIT!!!  RESULTS TAKE TIME! Stop Getting frustrated with the lack of results.


It's when you've been thinking all of these negative thoughts which is paralyzing)

1. Identify the triggers.  (Could be financial conversations, could be leadership, etc...)

2. Play the "So What" game.  (Ask, "What's the worst thing that can happen if what you are feeling is true and did actually happen - Is that the end of the world - If that happens, will you die - Will you survive and be o.k.?) Is this a rational fear? If yes, ask "Is this likely?" If this happens, do I have any control of what might actually happen? If not, what good does this do? Then... Give it to Jesus!

3. Make a plan.  (What 1, 2, or 3 things can I DO to actually have some control over the thing that might happen? - Then DO it!)

Do Not be anxious about anything, but instead give everything to God...

Engage in Spiritual Warfare through worship & prayer

The enemy wants to invade our THOUGHTS and our FEELINGS.