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SuperKids Camp Recap

A few months ago, I was asked if I would share the DIscipleTrip challenge to two different groups of 300 preteens, over four days; once in

June and once in July.  It had been years since I had shared with this particular age group.  Full disclosure... I did have some reservations about sharing with this demographic. How would they receive the content? How do I communicate effectively with that many kids, at a time?

This week, we completed our first week, and believe me when I say that our time together was AMAZING! I am convinced that God used our time together to shape these young hearts and minds toward living the greatest adventure of all time; a life of making disciples of Jesus! We shared stories and scriptures together, over the course of 6 sessions, and the best part was that my own two children, Ryder (9) and MJ (8), were able to join in on the adventure! While I thought I was going to help these kids learn to enjoy the presence of Jesus, they ended up returning the favor! We played on giant slip and slides, sang and danced together, and even learned to make biscuits over a campfire!

On this journey, I have learned that it is not only teens, college students, and young professionals who need the unconditional love that only Jesus can offer, but all ages! Everyone who has ever said “yes” to following Jesus on this journey has been called to help others along by speaking and living His good news; not just on Sundays, but every day of the week and in every place that our feet touch.  And when we join Jesus on this journey, in the company of others, we can live with a sense of anticipation, knowing that each day holds the potential for new conversations with new and old friends; filled with unexpected turns and detours.  We can also know that even in the difficult valleys of life, Jesus is with us through the work of His Holy Spirit.  John 16:33 tells us that we will have difficult days, but also encourages the believer to “take heart” because Jesus has “overcome the world!” 

Here’s a short highlight video from our week together at “SuperKids Camp” at Camp Paron, in Arkansas.  Hope you enjoy!

Music by GroupMusic: "I'm Trusting You"