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Smell the Roses (from ‘Dinner w/Jesus’ plan | Bible App)

Updated: May 22, 2019

Have you ever thrown a party that was so much work you didn’t get to enjoy yourself?

Just like us, Jesus had friends. Siblings Lazarus, Mary, and Martha were some of the few people that Scripture says Jesus visited more than once. There’s no doubt that He enjoyed getting together with them. On this occasion, Martha—the hostess with the mostest—was working hard to prepare a good meal for Jesus.

Frustrated that Mary was just sitting and listening to Jesus, she complained. Imagine her surprise when Jesus rebuked her for it! Essentially, He said that Mary’s choice to sit and listen to Him was better than all the work she was doing. The problem wasn’t the work. It was that Martha was so busy that she missed the purpose: spending time with Jesus.

Don’t miss the best thing at the meal -Jesus. 

Whether you’re having friends over for dinner or serving at church, make time to enjoy the people you’re serving. Consider taking that five-course meal down a notch, because it’s the laughs and relationships that are most memorable. And get out the paper plates because easy prep and cleanup will make you more likely to actually host a meal!

What holds you back from having people over to your house?

How could you make your home more enjoyable for visitors?

What are some ways you can bring Jesus into your meals?

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