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Raising Tiny Disciples

Raising a family can be hard work, but there is no greater calling on the planet than for a parent to make disciples of their own children. Historically, we have not always done the best job at raising our children “in the way he or she should go." As a result, we have subbed out this work to local church congregations, where you can conveniently drop off your children so that the paid professional can teach them the things of Jesus. This is not an appeal to boycott such organizations, but rather an admonition to redeem what God has intended for his children. 

This will require fathers and mothers to take intentional steps; equipping and encouraging their children to follow Jesus. Thankfully, such work does not require a seminary degree or even theological training. A willing candidate, who has submitted his or her life to Jesus, is all that is needed to start. Daily prayer routines can be established, shelved Bibles can be reopened in close proximity to our children, and arguably most important, our children can see a father and mother who are passionately in love with Jesus; loving others well and dedicated to the word of God. 

I look forward to sharing more about this process with you in the days that follow. My first book will be released on September 25th. DiscipleTrip addresses this process with a simple premise:

    Close Proximity to Jesus

+  Close Proximity to Others

     Maximum Impact

Godspeed parents, and may God bless your efforts to make disciples inside and outside your home. 

Joey Cook