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"My dad is stronger than your dad."

Have you ever been scared? I'm not talking about being simply frightened for a brief moment,

but legitimately fearful of the what is to come?  I have.  In fact, I was scared just this week. As a 34 year old adult male with children, this can be a bit hard to admit, but I'd like to spend the next couple of minutes discussing that process and how you can have faith in the face of fear.  

As most of you heard, last week our congregation received a call that our City Church body needed to cease gathering in our current location immediately.  In case you are wondering, moving 300-500 men, women, children and all of the accommodations associated with a public worship gathering is not simple.  We currently use an entire tractor trailer full of supplies plus a couple hundred extra stacking chairs to transform a gym into a family-style, "living room" setting complete with state of the art Audio/Video/Lighting to service our Simulcast service online at as well as local Television Channels.  We have maintained a wonderful relationship with the local Boys and Girls Club and this news caught us by surprise to say the least (you can read the full news article HERE). Not-so-coincidently, I was also near-bed ridden due to a lower back injury at the time I had received this news. In short, things were not looking up for the home team.  

After a 24 hour period of self-induced short-term depression accompanied by a pot of coffee and a tube of icy-hot, I remembered who my daddy was.  

Do you remember being a kid and taunting others by telling them how your dad could beat up their dad?  Maybe you don't, but I certainly do.  As an adult, I now realize how outlandish my claims were to unleash my 5'9, 160 lb father with all the fighting fury of Golden Retriever to attack some other kid's dad.  However, it seemed to make sense at the time.  Looking back, I realize that somewhere down the road, I lost that childlike sense that my dad was unstoppable. Until now.

Just this week I have been reminded of the power of my father...

My Father has promised to work things out for my good.  He has promised me a future.  My father knows everything that I am going through.  He knows my deepest needs.  He understands my struggles.  He promises to go with me wherever I go and to provide my needs in the exact way that I need them.  The greatest news is that the same promises that my father will fulfill are equally as true for you.  Whatever it is that you are currently facing, you have a father that is in complete control.  When we come to this realization, we can face any obstacle, no matter how big the bully appears.  

I can't wait to share the story of how our father provided for us this week through our brand new gathering location at 705 E. Siebenmorgan in Conway at 9:30 & 11:30.  I hope you can join us on this epic journey of trusting and following King Jesus as we face our fears and walk by faith in the everyday.  

In X,